Meghann's First Day

Govindpuri primary boys

What I was expecting from my first day volunteering was the typical first day for anything, filled with awkward small talk and shyness. But I was not expecting, at Project Why’s Govindpuri center, to be greeted by the humongous smiles and welcoming attitudes that I received. The children walked in with their books, a friendly greeting and a smile that lit up their face and made me sigh a breath of relief.

The boys, all welcomed me with nothing but humongous smiles stretched across their faces and recognition. They were preparing for exams and as I taught an impromptu science lesson in English, their brows furrowed and their little faces scrunched in concentration. They patiently allowed for me to fumble with examples and willingly followed along with me on the science of friction. My little group was a little behind on time, and even after the time for them to go home, they pleaded me to finish the lesson. Their dedication and desire to pursue knowledge, astounded me. 

Govindpuri primary girls.

 After lunch, I was handed my little dance group and we were off! After finishing with the general introductions and “getting to know you’s”, the dancing ensued. Stretching our muscles beforehand offered the chance to catch up with their days and ask more questions, allowing me to gain a little more insight into their day-to-day. Watching these kids dance with such joy and abandon on their cute faces, made me fall more in love with Project Why and its mission. They laughed at our shared goofiness, they danced with our combined energies and they played as if there was no burden in the world. 

Volunteering with these children is not only a chance to offer outside exposure to them, it is an experience that is further enriching me and opening my heart.